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Golflinks offers the modern golfer to experience the game as it was a hundred years ago.
We have great experience in organizing golf events and since 2004 we are restoring, renting and selling real hickoryskaftade clubs from the early 1900s.

Corporate and group events
We have arranged many popular and fun golf historic theme days for companies, clubs and groups. We can take care of the whole event or parts of project management , instruction and hospitality. With us you rent historic golf equipment; clubs, bags, balls and clothing.
Golf History lectures
You can also book us for a separate lecture on the game's long and fascinating history. Useful information mixed with entertaining anecdotes and interesting workshops . As a bonus, you get lots of tips how you improve your modern golf game .

Sales and rental of equipment
Golflinks is a leading player in hickory golf and is located in Stockholm and Lund. Our specialty is to professionally refurbish antique hickoryskaftade clubs for the game and we have sold thousands of clubs and sets of playable clubs, carefully restored clubs for display, decoration, to prize tables or anniversary gifts. In addition, we provide bags, balls , clothes and much more.

Our goal is to always represent golf's true values ​​, while providing the right feel in the best hickory clubs. Therefore we welcome you to:
Experience the true feeling ...

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