Ben Sayers, Park putter

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Ben Sayers, Park putter

Bernhard Sayers, born in Leith 1857 played his first round of golf at the "old" age of 16. He stood only 5' 3" (160 cm) but rapidly learned the game, became as apprentice at Musselburgh and within two years he finished 4th in a professional tournament. He was tied for 2nd place in the Open Championship in 1888 and participated in every Open from 1800 to 1923, a record of its own. In 1912 he began club production in a larger scale and in 1923 the Robin trademark was registrered.
Ben Sayers, the "wee yin" died in 1924, having lived as an accomplished golfer, instructor, club maker and one of the most colorful characters from golf's golfen years. His son Ben Jr made the famous Benny Putter as a reminder of his father's career. 


Source: Compendium of British Clubmakers by Peter Georgiady


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