Tad Moore 4-club Star OA demo set


Tad Moore 4-club Star OA demo set

Produktnr: 4 piece OA irons demo set

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The set includes 4 OA irons, Driving Iron, Deepface Mashie, Spade Mashie & the Gibson OA Niblick lightly used as demo clubs.

The Star OA Hickory Irons are made to a vintage design popular from 1917 to 1930. These irons are the finest manufactured today. Tad's commitment to the highest standards led him to work with the world renowned Otey Crisman III to manufacture the heart of the club, its Hickory shaft. Otey starts with the finest Hickory blanks and turns them to make a straight, strong, and playable shaft. The shafts then are taken and matched to the heads with modern adhesives and the old style pinned hosel to be sure the head and shaft are married together properly. After finishing the shaft the leather grip is hand wrapped on to give you, the player, the classic feel of a leather grip. This individual hand manufacturing insures you the finest club available today. When ordering a set Tad will ensured that the shafts are balanced and matched.

These clubs are approved for tournament play by the SoHG.

Driving Iron - 18 degrees 
Mid Iron - 22 degrees 
Jigger - 26 degrees 
Deep face mashie - 32 degrees 
Mashie - 37 degrees 
Spade mashie - 42 degrees 
Mashie Niblick - 48 degrees 
Niblick - 54 degrees

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