Spalding Kro-Flite matched set 7 clubs incl putter

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Spalding Kro-Flite 6-club + Putter. Matched set. A well-balanced matched set with the classic Kro-Flite numbers where # 19 corresponds the Niblick and Mashie Niblick # 7. Year: 1927. All irons with matching #A3113. Kro-Flite came with 3 different weight markings - 1, 2 or 3 crows where 3 stands for the heaviest heads, which suits most male golfers today. This set is a 3 crow set, except for the 19 iron which has 2 crows, but still is the heaviest club in the set. No rust but as can be expected some chrome loss, nothing major, approx only a couple of percentages.

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