Renting Of Hickory Sets

Both private individuals and groups / clubs / companies / companies can rent one or more hickory set over a day / weekend / week. We also have longer leases over 1, 3 or 6 months with a buy-out discount! For groups, see also the page Events & Rental

An excellent way to try out hickory golf under expert guidance is to book a half-day meeting with a Hickory Professional. You will then meet Owe Werner (in Stockholm) who will tell you about the game's history and what hickory golf is all about. We then play 9 holes together and finish with a refreshment and something to eat. This is a really great gift for avid golfers.

There are many good reasons to rent hickory instead of buying!
We recommend that you rent if you, for example:

- Want to try playing hickory golf
- Want to avoid maintenance and winter storage
- Want insurance against injuries such as shaft fractures
- Want to avoid investing a large sum of money
- Want to be able to try different until you find the clubs you enjoy
- Want the opportunity to buy with a discount

One of our standard hickory sets contains 6 clubs: 1 wooden club (Driver, Brassie or Spoon), 4 irons (Mid Iron, Mashie, Mashie-Niblick, Niblick or equivalent), putter and bag. Of course you can choose more or fewer clubs but most importantly with Golflink's professional help, you get to choose clubs that suit your playing characteristics and wishes. When you have felt for and maybe even tried a number of different clubs for say a month or two, there is an opportunity to buy your rental for a discounted price. Another option is to look at one of our Tourset, maybe even a set of clubs from the same manufacturer.

* Price list for renting single sets: (Two sets for left players are available)

SEK 500 / weekday or weekend (Fri-Sun) 
SEK 700 / 1 week

SEK 1,500 / 1 month

SEK 3,600 / 3 months

SEK 5,400 / 6 months

* When you rent sets from us, 4 authentic mesh replica balls are included. It is mandatory to play with our approved balls. Our balls are modern modified Wilson with 50 compression and have ACE Worthington from 1914 as a model.

You pay SEK 200 in deposit and get SEK 50 back per ball that is returned.
Rent plus-fours, knee socks and cap: SEK 200 per day or weekend.

Special price when you rent on Golflinks Tour:
Standard set with back: SEK 500.
You get 3 balls on the purchase, value SEK 150

Tourset with bag SEK 700 - Try our best clubs, (8-10 clubs)
If you rent at more Golflinks Tour competitions, you get a SEK 200 discount per competition

For further information, details, dates, booking, etc.,
please email