Hickory golf experience in Stockholm

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Try hickory golf with a pro in Stockholm!

(The price applies for two people at the same time. For 1 Person see product options.) Greenfee, rental of all equipment, instructions and refreshments are included.

A great way to try hickory golf under the supervision of a knowledgeable leadership during a half-day meet up with a hickory golf professional. You'll meet Owe Werner who'll tell you about the game's history, what hickory golf is all about and you'll play a 9-hole round together. The time is approximately 3,5 hours.

We'll begin with an introduction to the history of golf with a heavy focus on both the equipment and the game's development under more than 500 years. There after you'll get to borrow one of Golflinks professionally restored antique clubs (100 years old) with a shaft of hickory wood and grips of leather, naturally in a time appropriate carry bag. We'll play with replica balls manufactured in mold from 1914-1923. For the ones who wish there will also be a possibility to borrow time appropriate attire.

We'll then go through how the clubs should be used and you'll get a moment to learn about your own set. After that it's time for the day's play, a classic match over 9 holes with stymie and sunningdale rule. During the game we'll also offer good advise and tips as well as historical anecdotes. After the game we'll finish off with refreshment, watch some pictures and summarize the day.

This is an amazing opportunity for you as a golfer, to learn more about the game, history of golf and to try how it feels to play with hickory clubs. Requirements for participation is member of a golf club and a recommended highest handicap of 24.

Tip! This is a perfect gift for all enthusiastic golfers. This gift expires after one year from date of purchase.

Please also write down wishes about time and date when you place the order or write us an email info@golflinks.se
 contact Owe Werner,

email owe@golflinks.se

or phone 0708-139 169.

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