The Clubmaker's Art - Second Edition Revised And Expanded by Jeffrey B.Ellis

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A rare book of immense value to the hickory golfer.
Comes in a collector's box set of two special edition hardback volumes. In great condition!

"The Clubmaker's Art -  Revised and Expanded is a necessity for anyone interested in the history of golf or in collecting golf clubs. It will delight and captivate every golfer who loves the game."

The Clubmaker's Art - Revised and Expanded is the most complete, in-depth book on antique golf clubs ever written.
Lavish color photographs reveal the often quirky evolution of the golf club in all its variety. Over 1,250 pictures illustrate 850 clubs selected from the most valuable, historical, and rare antique clubs in the world. Hundreds of others are described and identified. The text, written after extensive research in the United States and United Kingdom, documents not only the clubs but also their makers and users. Original source material is quoted extensively. The stories behind these clubs are as fascinating as their pictures. An expanded section on fakes and replicas explains how to recognize the tell-tale sign of a counterfeit club.

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