Titleist Acushnet 100 Tour Balata

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"The quality and performance consistency of the Titleist golf ball is why Titleist is played by more golf professionals than any other ball throughout the world of competitive golf. The performance characteristics of feel, spin and control make a wound bal-ata golf ball the proffered choice among golf professionals and low handicap players. Until now, the trade off of balata golf balls has been their susceptibility to shearing resulting from some of the new groove technology on golf clubs today. The Titleist Tour Balata provides unsurpassed shear-resistance and increased longevity of play with each ball. A Tour-proven icosahedron dimple pattern provides outstanding control and distance. The combination of the shear-resistant cover and a wound centre, complemented by a modified dimple pattern, result in advanced in-flight performance providing a flatter trajectory that is longer and more penetrating, especially in windy conditions. The Titleist Tour Balata golf ball is a further evolution of Titleist's continuous improvment process to provide professional golfers and better amateurs with the highest performing golf balls in the world."

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