Tom Stewart Ben Sayers "Young Benny"

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Tom Stewart Ben Sayers "Young Benny", approx 1915 with matching shaftstamp

Famous Ben Sayers from North Berwick may have named this rare club "Young Benny" after his son.

Length: 36,5 "
Shaftflex: R-S
Loft: 45°
Swingweight: D2
Grip: Fresh black cowhide rough side out

Restored to playable condition: Yes

We don’t know why the Young Benny name exists except through speculation. The Young Benny is more square in shape then the Benny and tends to be a few more degrees in loft, closer to the average mashie niblick. Bennies tended to be closer to a spade mashie in loft, but were still regarded as a type of mashie niblick. A Benny might have served as a replacement for the mashie niblick or as a stronger second to the mashie niblick. The Young Benny makes a good replacement for the standard mashie niblick and its straight leading edge makes it an exceptional club for tight lie pitches and chips.

From the book on Thomas Stewart Jr, Golf Cleek and Iron maker, St. Andrews, Scotland by Ralph S. Livingstone III

Category Irons

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