Tom Stewart Fred Collins 2nd Mashie

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Tom Stewart Fred Collins Mashie #2, ca; 1915

The rare second mashie is stronger lofted than the standard mashie. Fred Collins was a professional in Llandudno, North Wales 1901-32

Length: 37,5 "
Shaftflex: N/A
Loft: 32°
Swingweight: C6
Grip: N/A

Restored to playable condition: Yes


The 1 - through 4-mashies could have been produced for four - mashie, sets, or to provide a player with a second or third mashie. The mashie 5 and 6 were produced for eight - and nine-club numbered sets starting in the mid 1920s. It can be fairly concluded that numbers below the club name indicate it was part of a full set.

First appearing in the late 1800s, the mashie helped facilitate the iron club revolution.

It’s head shape is shorter and deeper than a cleek or iron heads and has more taper from heel to toe, giving it a hatchet-like shape. The mashie was highly valued for approaching shots, from it’s maximum full swing distance, down to the shortest pitch shots. A number of notable players would carry two mashies in their bags. A second mashie could offer the player a different playing characteristic, either filling a gap in loft progression of the set or providing a different trajectory or shot profile.


This scarce club intended as a second mashie to fill a void between the primary mashie and the mid-iron. The 2-mashie could also have been intended as a backup in case the first mashie broke during the round. Based on the loft and shaft length of the few examples observed, it filled the gap nicely between the mid-iron and the mashie in power. No direct printed references to this club have been found, other than players reporting a preference for a second mashie in their set that was better for half swing approaches or pitches. Stewart must have produced a significant number of 2-mashies, because most known examples feature exactly similar stamps, indicating a stamp was made specifically for these clubs.

From the book on Thomas Stewart Jr, Golf Cleek and Iron maker, St. Andrews, Scotland by Ralph S. Livingstone III

Category Irons

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