Tom Stewart "Goldfinger" Cleek

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Tom Stewart Cleek, for James George Sherlock, Stoke Poges 1910-20

Length: 39,5"
Shaftflex: S
Loft: 19°
Swingweight: D0
Grip: Fresh black cowhide rough side out

Restored to playable condition: Yes

Stoke Park has always had a close relationship to Pinewood Studios (four miles away) and the British film industry. Two James Bond movies, Goldfinger (1964) and Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) were filmed at Stoke Park. The epic duel between James Bond (Sean Connery) and Goldfinger (Gert Frobe) is still considered to be the most famous game of golf in cinematic history.

The name "cleek" denotes to a specific head shape that has a relatively long, shallow face with very little taper from the heel to the toe. The cleek was introduced in the mid-1800's and was commonly used until 1910´when players began finding the driving iron and the driving mashie easier to play. In the 20th century , the cleek was commonly used almost exclusively by better players. A 1916 golf article predicted the cleek's eminent demise. By 1930, the younger caddies in the United States didn't recognize the cleek's name when a player requested it. They were offered in the 1929 Stewart catalogue, and were still produced until the final years of the company. Cleeks were produced late into the hickory era and steel-shafted versions can even be found. In the later years , it appears the preference was for a deep head.

From the book on Thomas Stewart Jr, Golf Cleek and Iron maker, St. Andrews, Scotland by Ralph S. Livingstone III

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