Tom Stewart "IRON" from Cairo

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Tom Stewart IRON stamped JL Hastie, Ghezireh, Cairo, ca; 1910

Length: 38 ½"
Shaftflex: R-S
Loft: 25°
Swingweight: D0
Grip: Fresh black cowhide rough side out

Restored to playable condition: YES

The term "iron" dates to the mid-19th century and describe general purpose clubs that eventually became used for medium lengeth approach shots and medium to low trajectory pitch shots. Most 20th-centuryscored face clubs that are stamped "iron" will be roughly equivalent or slightly weaker in loft to the mid-iron. In some cases it appears that irons might also have been used as a "betweener" club for the mashie and mid-iron. There are several printed references to players vcarrying both an iron and a mid-iron in their bags. Clubs stamped "irons" are likely to date to the teens.

From the book on Thomas Stewart Jr, Golf Cleek and Iron maker, St. Andrews, Scotland by Ralph S. Livingstone III

Category Irons

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