Tom Stewart Jack White, Sunningdale Mashie nr 1

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Tom Stewart Jack White, Sunningdale, approx 1901-1926, 1st Mashie

This unusual first mashie is less lofted than a standard mashie.

Famous scottish professional who amongst other things won the Open in 1904 after striking a record below 70 round. His most famous customer was Robert Tyre Jones Jr ("Bobby") who bought his Driver "Jeannie Deans" from White's shop.

Length: 38 "
Shaftflex: Not measured
Loft: 30°
Swingweight: D0
Grip: Fresh black cowhide, rough side out

Restored to playable condition: Yes


The 1 - through 4-mashies could have been produced for four - mashie, sets, or to provide a player with a second or third mashie. The mashie 5 and 6 were produced for eight - and nine-club numbered sets starting in the mid 1920s. It can be fairly concluded that numbers below the club name indicate it was part of a full set.

First appearing in the late 1800s, the mashie helped facilitate the iron club revolution.

It’s head shape is shorter and deeper than a cleek or iron heads and has more taper from heel to toe, giving it a hatchet-like shape. The mashie was highly valued for approaching shots, from it’s maximum full swing distance, down to the shortest pitch shots. A number of notable players would carry two mashies in their bags. A second mashie could offer the player a different playing characteristic, either filling a gap in loft progression of the set or providing a different trajectory or shot profile.


This scarce club appears to have been part of a multiple mashie set. The loft and length measurements do not help in definitively identifying this as the longest club in a mashie group or as a numbered substitute for a driving mashie. The Ernest Sales script signature dates to the 1920s.

From the book on Thomas Stewart Jr, Golf Cleek and Iron maker, St. Andrews, Scotland by Ralph S. Livingstone III

Category Irons

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