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"The Hickory Swing"

Offering the modern golfer to experience the game as it was one hundred years ago. Since 2004 we are working with golf historical events, repairs, renting and reproduced hickory-shafted clubs from the early 1900s as well as clubs from the later persimmon & blades era. Our goal is always to represent the true value of golf while also providing the right feeling with the markets best hickory clubs.

Owe has arranged hundreds of golf events in Sweden and abroad since the 90s. He has worked as a golf instructor in Stockholm and been a member of the Swedish PGA between 1991-1996. Owe has also acted as district referee and has had several idealistic tasks, most recently as vice president of Stockholm Golf Club.

Since 2006 Owe has played with hickory clubs exclusively and among other things his international list of merits include, winning the hickory championships in Scotland and Wales as well as coming third place in World Hickory Open.

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