Club Care (Svensk version i PDF)

  • We provide replica balls that are a Wilson ball with 50 compression. These soft balls or corresponding with the same compression are the only balls allowed to be used. If unsure, you are obliged to contact us before a game! Balls that may not be used are Range balls and various other balls of unknown manufacture. Titleist ProV1/ProV1X, Pinnacle, Top-Flite XL and similar are a few examples of balls that can be harmful for our clubs and are completely forbidden.

  • Hickory shaft are not as twist stiff as steel and graphite shafts. Therefore it is not such a good idea to swing fast and strike the ball too hard. Classic tips for a better swing and hit is a looser grip and to have a calm swing tempo. Harry Vardons favourite distance with the Mashie ( approximately iron 7) was 80 metres. which would have only required 70% force.

  • Do not swing from tee mats. These could be hard, there is also a risk that the clubs front gets stuck in the mat, which harms the shafts.

  • Put the bag down with the clubs carefully-do not let them down too quick. To throw down clubs or step on them is a certified way to break them. Do not lean on the shafts and do not bend them in an unnatural way.

  • To take peat of the ground is normally nothing to be concerned about, but a steep swing into the ground takes a toll on the shafts.

  • Avoid to hit the ball from positions where the club head or shaft can be harmed. Instead, drop out for unplayable ball and uphold your duty.

  • Clubs and shafts of wood that are around 100 years old can still break just like they could when they were new. Think about safety! Do not worry - insurance if the clubs should be damaged during the normal play is included.

  • Do not count on scoring as well as with modern clubs. Play styles such as foursome and match, carry bag and half set encourage a swift tempo. To be able to estimate distance and outside factors is a part of the game. Our advice is to not take it all too seriously, it is in fact just a game!

          If you want to buy one a rental sets or a singular club/s, contact us!

          I wish You a pleasant round with the hickory clubs.

Owe Werner

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