Corporate & Customer Events

Our historical golf events are like nothing else and allows the modern golfer to experience the game during 3-4 hours as it was played a hundred years ago.

We provide you with professionally restored antique clubs from the golden age of golf (1920:s) with hickory wood shafts and leather grips, period accurate golf balls together with the availability for old style knee length golf trousers including socks and old-fashioned caps.

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Option 1. "The Hickory golf experience"

We begin with a captivating lecture on the history of golf followed by an instruction session on how to use the equipment .

This is a historic golf day that will grant You memories for life and is just as well enjoyed for 3 up to as many as 20 people at a time, and for pairs up to 40 people.


Option 2. "The Hickory hole show" (performed on a hole during a "regular" customer / corporate golf competition)

Golf history exhibition on the tee, Owe Werner in appropriate clothing and equipment welcomes the participants to a short introduction where they then may hit a shot with a hickory club and a replica ball (closest to the hole competition) or play the whole hole with hickory clubs.

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We have the opportunity to rent clothes in style and cuts from the early 20th century. This also makes the progress on the course a very different experience from the game today. 


Foursome match - a quicker way to play

Our recommendation is to play a classic Scottish foursome match which is the original form of golf. It encourages fast paced play and you choose between 9 holes in 1.5 hours or 18 holes in three hours, no five-hour rounds here! Foursome or greensome is experienced by our customers as both fun and relaxed and playing with hickory clubs for the first time is truly a joy and pleasure! 


Participants of our events have been generous and overwhelming with their feedback.

"Windy, cold and great fun!" - "Incredibly fun and different" - "Rarely has golf been so fun" - "A real highlight"

"Everyone should try hickory golf" - "Very knowledgeable, a great pleasure to listen" - "I have played better with hickory than with my own clubs, unbelievable! "

"Great sponsorship activity, they will not forget this for a long time"


A day with hickorygolf

Golflinks Events are highly adapted to the corporate market in Sweden and abroad. We offer unique and memorable experiences on a golf course you choose without taking your guests too far from their comfort zone.