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Our golf historical events are unlike anything else and allow the modern golfer to experience the game for a day as it was played a hundred years ago. Not only do you get to play with antique clubs with hickory wood handles and leather grips. You can even rent balls and clothes typical of the early 20th century. We offer a historic golf day that will grant you memories for life and is just as fun to complete for 4 as 40 people at a time.

A brief history lesson

To give the participants more meat on their bones and a really good start, we begin the day with a captivating lecture about the history of golf. Then the players get the opportunity to feel the clubs out on our various practice areas, before the tee off. The days speaker and host Owe Werner also show how the clubs should be used.

The Clubs

Traditional hickory clubs have a different feel than today's mass-produced clubs. A common question we get is how a hundred year old clubs can still hold for games today. The answer is that all our hickory clubs are carefully restored by Golflinks' Owe Werner, specialist in old school club making.

The Golf Balls

Old balls from this time have long since worn out and become unplayable. Antique clubs, however, feel best from as soft modern balls as possible. We can provide molded modern low-compression balls that both look and feel as close to the originals as we can get.


We have the opportunity to rent clothes in style and cuts from the early 20th century. This also makes the progress on the course a very different experience from the game today. 

Foursome match - a quicker way to play

Our recommendation is to play a classic Scottish foursome match which is the original form of golf. It encourages fast paced play and you choose between 9 holes in 1.5 hours or 18 holes in three hours, no five-hour rounds here! Foursome or greensome is experienced by our customers as both fun and relaxed and playing with hickory clubs for the first time is truly a joy and pleasure! 


Participants of our events have been generous and overwhelming with their feedback.

"Windy, cold and great fun!" - "Incredibly fun and different" - "Rarely has golf been so fun" - "A real highlight"

"Everyone should try hickory golf" - "Very knowledgeable, a great pleasure to listen" - "I have played better with hickory than with my own clubs, unbelievable! "

"Great sponsorship activity, they will not forget this for a long time"

A day with hickorygolf

Golflinks Events are highly adapted to the corporate market in Sweden and abroad. We offer unique and memorable experiences on a golf course you choose without taking your guests too far from their comfort zone, see the page Corporate / Customer events.